Adoption Programs

Senior Citizens

Seniors for Seniors is a program that encourages senior citizens to adopt adult animals at reduced adoption fees. 

Adopting two cats

The Ms. Garbo Fund  was established by a generous donor to help families adopt a second adult cat by covering the adoption fee for the second cat.

CCHS Working Cats Adoption Program

Occasionally, we have cats at CCHS that are semi-feral or have lived their lives primarily outdoors. These cats are unable to adjust to life at the shelter, are not too keen on human contact, and are not likely to make good house pets. However, they are well-suited for living someplace where they can go in and out of a barn or out-building.  Or, they might do well in a climate-controlled warehouse or workshop, where they'll have room to roam. We don't charge an adoption fee for working cats, but we do require caretakers to provide food, water, shelter, and veterinary care when needed. Cats will be spayed or neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption. If you are looking for a "working" cat for your barn or workshop, please contact our Humane Educator, Elijah Imlay (, to learn more about this program.

Veterinary Care for Adopted Senior Pets

For senior pets (cats and dogs 10 years or older) Mahomet Animal Hospital will provide FREE exams for the for the rest of the pet's life, as well as 25% off all tests and services (including surgery and dental work), and 10% off medications/drugs.

Military and Veterans

Veterans and active-duty military receive 25% off of pet adoption fees with proof of military service.