Home To Home Pets

These animals are not at our shelter, but are in our area and need a new home. If you're interested in one of these pets, you must create a profile on Home To Home. Then, click the pet's name for more information about the animal and how to contact the owner.

Note: The “Home to Home” pet adoption platform provides a way for people looking for pets to connect with people who have pets in need of a new home. CCHS has no relationship with the pet owners and has no information about these pets. CCHS also has no role in the adoption process; adopting a Home-to-Home pet is a transaction between the pet-owner and the adopter. CCHS hosts this platform to help facilitate the responsible re-homing of pets in a way that spares the animals the stress of transitioning through an animal shelter.

CCHS does not provide any guarantees or warranties for pets adopted through “Home to Home.”