If you have volunteered at the Humane Society since 2013, you have had the pleasure to meet our Volunteer Coordinator and Animal Behavior Specialist, Natalie Piper.  Natalie came to CCHS with a degree in animal science and psychology from the University of Illinois and dog training certification from the Animal Behavioral College.  In fact, it was one of the requirements for her certification - to volunteer at a humane society – that led Natalie to CCHS in 2010. 

Natalie loves how fast the days fly by at CCHS; there is always something to do - whether working with animals or teaching volunteers and staff.  In fact, her position is so comprehensive, the following list illustrates well the myriad things she might be doing on any given day – when not assisting volunteers, staff, or adopters!

  • Conducting Dog Training Classes
  • Teaching Volunteers (orientations, tours, dog walking - level 1 and level 2, cat kennel assistant, critter kennel assistant, cat/critter socialization, dog food puzzle toys, etc.)
  • Representing CCHS at a community event
  • Recruiting, scheduling, thanking, & all-things volunteering
  • Evaluating dogs & cats
  • Developing behavior modification plans for troubled animals
  • Coaching interns and volunteers on effective positive training techniques

Natalie is proud to work for CCHS for many reasons, but there are two that stand out.  First, CCHS is an open admission shelter.  (This means that we take any owner-relinquished companion animal, regardless of age, medical condition, or suitability for adoption.)  In fact, we are the only one in our area.  Second is that CCHS is a very progressive shelter – staying abreast of the latest and best advice on caring for shelter animals.

When not at CCHS, Natalie can be found at home with her significant other (Matt), entertaining Georgia and Dante (her two dogs), dog sitting/fostering, enjoying nature, doodling, or playing Pokémon Go.

No matter what your background, please know that YOU are welcome in the volunteer corps at the Champaign County Humane Society.  You can see the front page for where we need you most this summer.  And if you are already a volunteer, thank you!  We simply could not accomplish our mission without you.